Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crushing on Orange part 1: Tangerine Burst Styleboard (inspired by Pantone's 2012 Color of the Year)

I've been crushing on orange since I saw Krya Sedgwick and Katey Sagal in their beautiful bright citrusy gowns at the Golden Globes last year.  So, needless to say, I was a totally juiced to hear Pantone announce "Tangerine Tango" as the 2012 Color of the Year!

I put together a couple of styleboards representing my interpretations of how to incoporate this hot juicy color into a normal everyday look, including a few of my styles which were inspired by these gorgeous glowing ladies' looks!

Sorry, images on the photo aren't clickable, but there is a list of links to each item after this styleboard. Enjoy!

TANGERINE BURST! Eight fabulous options for that perfect Tangerine Orange pop color to accessorize a basic everyday outfit! 

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Disclaimer: It is my personal and humble opinion (- and by 'humble', I mean, 'expert' - ) that you would really only want to choose one or two of these accessories...and not so much all of them. ~We don't want you looking like Florida exploded or anything.~

The basics:

Fresh Laundry White Racerback V-Neck Tank (£69,

Accessorize with Orange:
  1. Julyanna's Chunky Orange Oval Stone Necklace ($49.95,
  2. Stella McCartney Skinny Belt ($230,
  3. Single Spike Ring in Peach ($18,
  4. Stella McCartney Falabella faux leather shoulder bag ($1,175,
  5. Jeffrey Campbell Leather Zup Wedges ($108,
  6. Tangerine Tango Orange Beaded Leather Bracelet ($36,
  7. Tangerine Indian Summer Chandelier Earrings ($102,
  8. Jennie Heart Shades in Tangerine ($18,


Pantone Color of the Year 2012:
Tangerine Tango color swatch
Kyra Sedgwick and Katey Sagal in beautiful tangerine
shades and gold accessories (Golden Globes 2011)

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