Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wire Wrapped Hoop Earring Tutorial

Learn how to make these fun wire wrapped hoop earrings with my best-selling jewelry tutorial!

Large high quality photos and step-by-step instructions will show you how to make a pair of 1.5" diameter hoops just like these (plus instructions for how to make other sizes) from scratch, including the hoops themselves. 

Tutorial is 8 pages including front and back cover pages and includes 19 detailed images along with written explanations. File size is 3.6MB.

A link to the downloadable pdf file tutorial will be emailed to you automatically upon purchase. 

$7.99 USD


• 9.5” 20 gauge round wire, half hard
• 28” 26 gauge round wire, dead soft
• 34 faceted round 4mm beads
• round nose pliers
• flat needlenose pliers
• wire cutters
• 320 grit (extra fine) sandpaper
• 1.25” diameter cylinder or mandrel

• jewelry hammer (optional*)
• anvil or bench block (optional*)

* Optional items would be required if your preference is to hammer the hoops flat as shown in photos; it's not necessary but a matter of taste. Earrings made without this step are very similar, the wire will just be round and not flattened.


 All images, text, and graphics within the tutorial are the intellectual property of the author and are therefore subject to international copyright laws. This tutorial is not to be shared or reproduced, in whole or in part, by any means without express written consent of the author. Purchasing this tutorial grants you permission to sell earrings made as a product of following these instructions.

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