Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yoga Inspired Stackable Gemstone Bracelets on special!

I have been thinking about other e-commerce options besides Etsy a lot lately. I found this option, called ShopLocket, and I thought I'd try it out to see how it works. One of the coolest things is that anyone else can share this item on their blog or website by using the 'embed' button above, just as simply as sharing a video from YouTube!

I hope you may consider sharing it on your blog, if you do please post here and let me know! I'd love to do something special for you in return :)

This set of bracelets is from my new Yoga Inspired Jewelry Collection. I think they turned out fabulously and I can't stop wearing mine (all at once!) They are on special until the 22nd while I test this new platform out, in hopes that I may get to see how smoothly the order process goes from my end, while giving some fans a chance to get a great deal on these awesome new bracelets!

If all goes well, I am thinking I'd love to do a monthly special on the blog using this cool new feature. Wouldn't that be awesome?

I developed these bracelets and the entire Yoga Collection for a friend's brand new studio in West Fort Worth, Temple Road Yoga. If you're in that neck of the woods, I hope you'll stop by and say hello to Angel at and see my jewelry in person!  Also, I am happy to share that you can get 30 Days of Yoga for $30 with this Grand Opening Special through July 21st!

Oh, and if you want to sell anything of yours on your own blog or website, check out ShopLocket. You can literally set it up in minutes and you can sell anything - piano lessons, vintage clothing, e-books. Anything! Plus, you can also embed it in a Facebook fan page!

I hope it works out, I'm really excited about it!

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