Saturday, February 1, 2014

Valentine's Day Strawberry Brownie Hearts {Low Fat!}

Valentine's Day Treat:  Low Fat Chocolate Strawberry Brownie Hearts

I made the most delicious low fat chunky fudgey chocolate brownies the other day.

I also bought some new heart shaped cookie cutters (and a bunch of other fun stuff) with my Amazon gift card score from Christmas! I was thinking I would make some cute heart cookies, but what I was craving was chocolate, and when I think of chocolate I usually think of brownies, so I put two and two together... and there ya have it folks, an adorable Valentine's Day dessert was born!

Here's how you can do it too:

First, bake yourself a batch of your favorite brownies. *I added 1/4 cup of chopped fresh strawberries to my brownie batter before I baked them, so there was a little bit more strawberry in every brownie :)

If you are up for trying a new recipe, I made these brownies with Greek Yogurt so they are about half the fat of a normal batch of brownies, and every bit as good and gooey! Seriously, feast your eyes (but try not to drool on your keyboard like I just did):

low fat chunky fudgey chocolate brownies recipe

Whatever recipe you use, I recommend that you start by lining the baking pan with parchment paper and leave some overhanging two sides to lift brownies out after baking.

You will want to let your brownies cool in the pan first, and once they are cool, use the parchment paper to transfer them to a cutting board where you can work your magic!

Cutting the heart shapes

Now, this part works a lot better on brownies that are totally cool, so be patient! Grab a set of heart shaped cookie cutters and use them to cut hearts out of the brownies. The size I used is about 2.5" across. Use a knife to cut away any extra that comes off on the side of the cookie cutter before pushing the brownie out.

I used the 1" size heart from this set and pushed it in the center about half quarter of an inch deep. Then I pulled out the little chocolate heart 'plug' so I could replace it with a strawberry heart the same size.

To cut heart shapes out of a strawberry, slice off four 'sides' instead of making lengthwise slices. You'll get 4 hearts out of each strawberry this way, instead of 2! Then use the same small cookie cutter you used to cut the center of the brownie out, and you'll have a perfect fit :)


Just pop the little strawberry heart inside the heart shape you cut from the brownie, and you have some adorable, delicious and low fat Valentine's Day brownie treats :)

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  1. These are absolutely adorable!!! Shaunna @Tempting Thyme

    1. Thanks Shaunna! Your Special K bars look deliciously naughty :)

  2. What a great idea to plug the brownie with a tiny strawberry heart! Looks delicious!

    1. Thank you! I love your homemade Valentine's Kisses - what a sweet surprise!

  3. I love this idea! Perfect for Valentina's and yummy looking too!

    1. Thank you Dina! I am going to be trying out your Nutella Cheesecake Bars very soon :)


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