Monday, June 25, 2012

Backyard Flower Mystery Solved: Glorious Orange Daylilies!

Though we've lived in this house for nearly 3 years, I have never before seen these lovelies bloom.

Imagine my happiness to arrive home from vacation and see them in full flower for the first time! They were so breathtaking and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect flower to surprise me; I'm so in love with orange it hurts!

I have always wondered what they were. Seeing them with several buds last summer and watching them wither from the heat and die before blooming (despite my feeble sporadic attempts at watering them) was such a disappointment. Not knowing what they were meant not being sure how to take care of them, and it is such a thrill for me to finally see a burst of life in the otherwise sad and neglected 'garden'. Now I know they loved all the rain we got in May and June, and though I don't expect we'll be so lucky next year, I will be prepared to quench their thirst a little bit more with the hose.

I believe they are orange daylilies, but please correct me if I'm wrong; I am by no means a horticultural expert, and I am basing this assertion solely from comparing this photo to others on google. So, just throwing that out there...

Orange flowers are said to evoke enthusiasm and energy and convey confidence,  and these glorious Daylilies are no exception. A symbol of motherly love, the Daylily adds a beautifully vibrant shade and radiates warmth throughout the garden. 

Just looking at this picture I feel happiness and energy, warmth and vitality. I think it's fair to say that's how the color orange makes me feel in general, and I thought I'd share in the hopes that it might make  you feel that way too!

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