Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Strawberry Yogurt Hearts - Easy, Sweet, + Lowfat Valentine's Treats!

Strawberry Yogurt Hearts - Healthy Valentines Treat Recipe, Frozen Yogurt

These sweet little pink hearts are SO easy to make, and are a healthy Valentine's Day treat. Eat them as they are or use them as toppers on cupcakes, ice cream, cake, or brownies!


• Low fat strawberry yogurt (regular yogurt, not frozen yogurt)
• Sprinkles or other toppings (optional)


fine tipped squeeze bottle (or small plastic sandwich bag)
• baking sheet or plate (needs to fit in your freezer and be able to sit level)
• wax paper or freezer paper
• a toothpick (optional)
• tweezers (optional, for placing sprinkles)


Strawberry Yogurt Hearts - Healthy Valentines Treat Recipe, Frozen YogurtCover a plate or baking sheet with the wax paper (or freezer paper). If using a plate, the flatter the better. Any yogurt you put on the curved up part will sag and deform before it sets.

Spoon the yogurt into the squeeze bottle, or use a plastic baggie and snip the corner off and twist tight to squeeze the yogurt out. I highly recommend using a squeeze bottle, as it is easier to 'draw' with and hold in one hand. I never have good control using two hands with the plastic bag method for specific shapes and designs.

Squeeze out the yogurt onto the wax paper as you draw heart shapes. Of course you can do other shapes as well. I made a few little round dots and even tried some writing (see below). The yogurt should be about 1/4 inch thick for best results. Much more than that and the yogurt tends to spread out and can ruin your shapes.

If using a squeeze bottle, the toothpick will help you unclog the nozzle when bits of strawberry inevitably get stuck in there!

If you'd like to add sprinkles or other small toppings, do so now. I used chocolate sprinkles and sprinkled them on the traditional way, but after a few hideously mis-sprinkled hearts, I decided to use tweezers to place the bits and make them prettier. (Mainly because I knew I would be taking photos, but also because I have a teensy little bit of perfectionism in my veins...)

I remembered I had these lovely white sugar pearl cupcake sprinkles (they come in other fun colors too!) and thought they'd be pefect on my sweet little pink hearts!

Strawberry Yogurt Hearts - Healthy Valentines Treat Recipe, Frozen Yogurt

Strawberry Yogurt Hearts with Sprinkles - Healthy Valentines Treat Recipe, Frozen Yogurt

When you've finished decorating your hearts, place the plate in the freezer and leave it for at least 30 minutes, though longer is better. When they are frozen solid, you can carefully peel the paper back and eat them or use them on top of the dessert of your choice :) 

FUN TIP: If you'd like to make some double layered designs like the heart below, simply go back and add yogurt on top after the shapes are frozen, then freeze again. 

 Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoyed this recipe and that you'll share it with your friends! Happy Valentine's Day


  1. I came across your blog through isharefunfood.com... I love it! Your works are so lovely and creative :) thank you for sharing your creations with us.. Keep up ♥

  2. How long can they be out of the freezer, and still stay in solid form?

    1. Hi Michaela!

      Unfortunately they don't last very long - they are basically like ice cream (frozen yogurt)! I'm not sure exactly but I would guess that 30 minutes is probably pushing it - it's probably more like 10-15 minutes. They are great as a topper that goes on right before you serve your treats, but not so good at sitting around for very long.


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