Monday, January 23, 2012

Today I am Inspired by...the Color Blue

This stunning photo of the Skaftafell Ice Caves in Iceland took my breath away.  To me this is the essence of the color blue, in all its glory.  I'm left speechless (well, almost speechless) by this image and it made me want to explore the idea of this color further. The word 'blue' must mean something different to everyone. If someone is describing something to you as 'blue', you probably need to ask for further clarification. When you hear the word, do you picture a baby blue? navy blue, cobalt blue? electric blue? Take in the splendid array of hues in this photo; what words do you use to describe them?

I see beautiful deep indigos, shades of peacock, teal, and aqua.  I see the color of apatite - my favorite gemstone - and brilliant deep sapphire, turquoise, aquamarine. To me this image represents water and sky, atmosphere, air, This cave is frozen solid, the colors are cool, and yet, I find it strangely warm and inviting. This is nature's beauty at its finest!

I have created a collection of beautiful blue items inspired by this photo, and I had a lot of fun choosing colors from the picture, figuring out what to call them, and searching using those terms. Please visit the link and see for yourself!  Enjoy!

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