✧About Me

Hi!  My name is Jessica Barst and I'm so glad you're here!

A little bit about me:

I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and currently live in Dallas. You better believe  I complain about the summers here just as much as I whine about the winters...but in the spring and the fall I'm happy as a goat in a briarpatch (or, at least I find something other than the weather to grumble about, like the traffic!)
My philosophy on life is that it is exactly what you make of it. Take charge of your destiny and steer that wild horse toward the sunset and let her run!  Surround yourself with warm-hearted people and love them from the bottom of your soul.  Take the time to recognize the happiness that comes from the little things and know that there is always something that can make you smile...if you let it.  And always, ALWAYS be true to yourself.
As an artist, I find inspiration everywhere, and I love to draw, paint, knit, and get very messy with papier mâché. I'm a DIY junkie and I dabble in a million other crafts, but what I love the most is fiddling with the tiniest details; the more tedious the better!  My jewelry is an obvious reflection of this fascination, and hopefully the time and care I put into making each and every piece is apparent as well.

I am endlessly dazzled by my many creative friends and I find each of them deeply inspiring in a unique and special way.  I plan to share their amazing talents with you along my journey, because every one of them makes my world a better place, and fills me with ideas, energy, and wonderment at the vastness of possibility that lies ahead.
Thanks for spending some time with me! I hope you see something that lights a little fire inside of you too!
♡ Jess
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