Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Swap Sponsor: Meet "The Tangled Web"!

I'm thrilled to announce another blog sponsor! As you can see by the neat webby button on my sidebar, my friend The Tangled Web has come on board for a swap sponsorship. 

Skeleton Santa Stocking
by TheTangledWebStore
on Etsy

The Tangled Web's Etsy shop is run by two talented women, Christi and Shirley. Between them, they keep the shop stocked with some really fun handmade knit and crochet goods as well as embroidered items like tote bags and stockings. They specialize in things that are a little bit different from the normal cutesy stuff; things that are a little bit creepy while still managing to be adorably cute. At Christmas time, my favorite was a tie between the embroidered Zombie Santa and Skeleton Santa stockings, which Christi says she couldn't keep in stock during the holiday season! 

I adore their fun pom-pom hats (and they way they photograph them on skulls makes them even that much more awesome :)

Toddlers' Black and White Pom Pom Hat
by TheTangledWebStore on Etsy

And, I'm in a lovey kind of mood since it's almost Valentine's Day (- I can barely believe it's already February!! -) so I have to show you this reversible tote bag with red hearts on it.  Flip it inside out, and you have a black tote with a colorful swirly heart embroidered appliqué! 

I Love You swirly heart reversible tote bag
by TheTangledWebStore on Etsy

I Love You swirly heart reversible tote bag (inside)
by TheTangledWebStore on Etsy
So, as you can see, The Tangled Web has a variety of products, some are 'traditionally' cute while others have a little bit more of a funky, edgy flair.  Be sure to stop by their Etsy shop and see what trouble you can get into, or drop by the blog to keep up with what's new!

If you're interested, you can learn about becoming a sponsor with Bespangled Jewelry too!

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